September 6, 2008

Silly Shirts - Part 6 - Food Theme

I wonder what your thoughts are from this weeks barrage of posts on silly christian t-shirts.   Some have been garbage, while others have been kind of funny, and yet there are others that have been very offensive.  

However, the question we need to ask is, and need an answer to is:  What is the point of these shirts?  Anyone?  

To encourage, exhort or equip believers?  Hmmmm, probably not.  I know I am not compelled to live a holy life that is pleasing to my King by seeing a shirt that says “Jesus died for myspace in Heaven.”  It makes me shake my head in disbelief that an unbeliever, who knows that I am a Christian would associate me with that as well.   

Maybe the point is to evangelize the lost.  I am not so sure this is happening.  Especially with shirts that rub in peoples faces that God won’t be in hell and implying they are going there.  Not so sure how effective that has been. 

I asked 3 unbelievers what they thought about the shirts and they didn’t like them at all. They thought they were dumb, silly and it brought no desire to love Jesus.  Zero.  Good grief, Hindus aren’t making cheesy shirts. Buddhists aren’t making cheesy shirts.  Mormons aren’t making cheesy shirts. Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t making cheesy shirts.  We have to ask why!?   I would submit it’s because, they do have some reverence and fear of their gods.  While they are all false gods, they fear and respect them.   My fear is that this is a problem in Christianity.  We lack the fear of God that we so desperately need. Which leads to many grave errors.  Oh that God would help us! 

One of the baristas at Starbucks went on to talk about a youth group that comes in to the store every Sunday night and how a lot of them wear the cheesy shirts.  He asked if anyone at The Station (the college ministry I serve in), wears them.  I told him, “No.”  He replied, “Really? Why not?”  I told him back, “Because they are lame….and I try to make fun of them often.”  He replied, “Cool.” 

We have to ask the question: What is their purpose? And if it is to ‘reach the lost.’ I would argue this is a horrible way to do it.  

HOWEVER!!!!!  God has used a donkey, a teenager, a burning bush, a rejected race, a group of 12 mediocre followers, un-welcomed prophets, and most of all a humble, marginalized, Galilean peasant, who is God, our Savior - Jesus.  God has used odd things.   So…who knows?  God will judge in the end.  I know I am not a fan.  Maybe God has used one of these shirts before. Maybe He’ll correct me when I see Him in Glory.  

With that…Here are the food themed shirts.  He is the bread of life right? Haha. 

Mountain Dew - 

Crush (orange drink…it is not that good). 

Hershey Bar 

Suppose to be Coke.  Horribly done, I think. 


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (kind of makes me want one). 

OH man…I had to put the YooHoo one up with the ‘model’ 

Subway.  What could they do of Quizno’s?  Hmmmm.  Ideas? 

Milk…this is one gets the award for most uncreative. 

Burger King (this one is second to got jesus? They didn’t even capitalize Jesus, kind of weird). 


Oscar Meyer (this one was new for me) 

Sprite (who drinks Sprite? Seriously? Other than when you are sick?) 

Campbell’s Soup

Pepsi?  (Where is Dr. Pepper!?) 

Life Savors 

More than I thought there would be! 

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